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Fine arts and limited edition prints are a long standing tradition which has spanned many different styles and subjects over the years. Bordignon, ink. is proud to help carry on this tradition with a family of artists that are a brother, brother, sister partnership.


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Wildlife art is the main subject for Greg and Mark's works of art. They paint primarily in acrylic paints using Whitetail deer, Ringneck pheasants, Wild turkeys and any other of nature's fasinating creatures in their works. They come from a background of hunting and fishing in the midwest and use those experiences in their creativity.


Lynn's focus is on some of the simple and yet memorable times in our lives. Children are something that we all can relate to in one way or another and her interpretation through watercolor paintings can bring back some of your fondest memories.


" Early Morning Frost"
Cardinals by Mark Bordignon

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 " Bringing in the Harvest"  
by Greg Bordignon

"1639 North Grand Ave"
by Lynn Bordignon-Snyder